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Meet Our New Blog Writer, Taras Pleskun

We're thrilled to welcome a new member to our team. Meet Taras, our new blog writer! Taras brings another voice, as well as a hell of a lot of experience in microbiology and live food culture, to this table.

Taras Victorvich Pleskun has devoted his career to learning about aquaculture systems. His particular interest is early life stages, microbial interactions and hatcheries. He has experience cultivating larval oysters, kelp and jellyfish as well as various ornamental fish and microalgae species.

He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree at the University of Florida, focusing his studies on maximizing lipid production in microalgae. Taras dreams of a day when industrial forage fisheries are replaced with algae oil sustainably grown from wastewater and industrial CO2.

He also believes the aquarium industry is a leader in public awareness and wants more aquarists to take an interest in the microbial activity of their tanks. Some tanks just work: they are stable, they are beautiful--and the microbes are to thank! That's why Taras loves writing for Hydrospace LLC, because they are working to make more tanks work by seeding them with incredible strains of benign bacteria. Taras is especially enthusiastic about learning and communicating more about the abilities of Rhodopseudomonas palustris and other useful PNS bacteria!

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Kimberly Santangelo
Kimberly Santangelo
24 июл. 2021 г.


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