The Return of (Vastly Improved!) PNS ProBio™

Updated: Jan 10

Not so long ago, when Hydrospace first opened for business, we proudly declared that we “continuously strive to increase the quality, rather than sheer size, of our product line.” Our flagship product, PNS ProBio™, which may be used in both freshwater and marine aquarium/aquaponic systems, was most popular from the start. Reports from users have been quite satisfactory. However, our users did indeed bring to attention one unmistakable aspect of the original product (as well as its companion product PNS YelloSno™); it stunk to high hell.

These decidedly bad smells largely came from decomposed yeast extract lurking within. Yeast extract is routinely included in culture media for purple nonsulfur bacteria (PNSB), as it is rich in certain “biofactors” (primarily certain B vitamins) that are required by, but not adequately synthesized by, the microbes. For a dedicated microbiologist in a laboratory, these odors might just be an easily tolerable part of sciencing. For the average home aquarist, on the other hand, they seem to cause some discomfort to say the least.

Now, we can say that we warned you (remember the cautionary description of this stench as a “combination of flatulence and death?”). Though it lingered for a spell, it generally dissipated fairly quickly. But hey, straight from the shoulder, it was pretty nasty. One of our testers reported that after accidentally adding “a crapload” to her home aquarium system she had to leave the house for some time, adding somewhat jokingly that she had “never experienced anything quite like it.”  

She was only the second tester to get chased out of their home by our original formula.