NY Farmers Impressed by Soil-Boosting Qualities of Watermilfoil

Updated: Nov 17, 2018

Interesting how these things get started...

A few years back (as first reported in Modern Farmer Magazine), a Keeseville, NY grower shared one of her gardening secrets—Eurasian watermilfoil—with the owners of a neighboring farm, Fledging Crow Vegetables. Intrigued, the farmers decided to give the plant a try. Luckily for them, the NY Aquatic Invasive Management (AIM) department was looking for a site to dispose of plant material. A lot of it, in fact.

pondweed mulch

Fledging Crow convinced AIM to dump the waste on their property. They applied the waterfoil to a quarter-acre bean plot. And they were astonished by the outcome, observing improvement in "everything, from the size of the plants to the speed of growth to overall vigor."

Given the clearly positive results, they believe the plant has high potential among organic growers as a natural soil additive.

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