Your Frequently Asked Questions...

Updated: May 30

So, what exactly does Hydrospace LLC do?

Our company is, exclusively, a producer of fine, all-natural growing supplies for aquaria, ponds and aquaponic systems. Our specialty is microbial foods, probiotics and water conditioners. Additionally, though we harvest invasive wild flora for use in some of our products, we are not weed control specialists nor do we receive payment for any of our eradication efforts. Our business is simply in making stuff that helps you grow stuff.

Can we visit your facility?

Sorry, we sell online only and therefore do not accept walk-in clientele or offer tours.

Can we accompany you during one of your wildcrafting excursions?

Again, sorry, but no. Our agreement with the City of Boulder specifies that we not allow guests to join us during any of our harvesting activities.


You sell to a lot of different kinds of growers... How did that come to be?

Over the course of the last 25 years, our founding member has had opportunity to work in many different fields as a production biologist. This includes horticulture ranging from  

algae farms to vineyards, and aquaculture ranging from trout hatcheries to zebrafish labs. With a special interest in identifying the common needs between diverse agricultural 

subsectors, Hydrospace seeks to develop eco-friendly products that have the greatest possible range of applications. But our most elemental mission?  We hope to do some good in the world as we make great stuff and contribute to the restoration of local native habitat.

Why so few products?