The freshwater macrophyte Myriophyllum spicatum is well-known to produce and exude copious algicidal/cyanobactericidal polyphenols (especially gallotannins and their derivatives). The principal mode of allelopathic activity among these various substances is inhibitition of photosystem II.


From this medley of polyphenolic allelochemicals, Tellimagrandin II (beta-D-glucopyranose, cyclic 4,6-((1S)-4,4',5,5',6,6'-hexahydroxy(1,1'-biphenyl)-2,2'-dicarboxylate) 1,2,3-tris(3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoate)) is the main ingredient. This hydrolyzable tannin also exhibits strong biological activity against insect herbivores and heterotrophic bacterial pathogens.


Laboratory investigations, as well as our own observations, confirm that leachates from dried M. spicatum are particularly allelopathic against freshwater cyanobacteria. GalloTannic Water Pillow™ is used to curb the unwanted growth of microphotoautotrophs (cyanobacteria as well as many diatoms and some unicellular green algae).


This raw, natural product additionally leaches various water-tinting compounds that enhance the tannic profile of your water assets. GalloTannic Water Pillow™ is appropriate for many planted aquaria, some blackwater aquaria and most smaller ponds/water gardens. Certain hydroponic/aquaponic applications may also be practicable. 


GalloTannic Water Pillow™ treats up to 160 gal per 4 oz unit.

GalloTannic Water Pillow™ (4 oz)

  • Each 4 oz unit of GalloTannic Water Pillow™ contains four individual one-ounce portions of whole, dried, heat-sterilzed, wildcrafted Eurasian watermilfoil. Each portion is sealed in an untreated cheesecloth sack.


    GalloTannic Water Pillow™ delivers approximately 0.17 g tellimagrandin II per 4 oz unit (~0.425 g per pillow). For minimal allelopathic activity, use one pillow per 40 gal system water; higher doses may be used safely as desired for increased allelopathy and/or water tinting.  


    Gently and briefly rinse each pillow under cool water to remove fine particles before use. Place pillows downstream from chemical filtrants (e.g. activated carbon) and ultraviolet sterilizers. If necessary, secure each pillow to prevent blockage of overflow screens, pump intakes, etc. Remove and discard pillows after 3-5 days use.


    Though GalloTannic Water Pillow™ is sold in discreet sizes, it is packaged in a bulk manner (unbranded in a large, reusable, resealable, food-grade bag).