PNS ProBio™ contains a beneficial, naturally-occurring soil- and water-borne microbe. It is found in freshwater, marine and brackish environments (in the water column, the sediments and even in the guts of animals such as corals). This highly adaptive photosynthetic bacterium balances nutrient cycling in all types of agricultural systems. Though it performs a variety of ecological functions, it is most oustanding in its ability to remediate fouled water (even in oxygen-poor conditions) and digest complex organic compounds (e.g. cellulose and lignin). Additionally, it has the ability to fix nitrogen in critically nutrient-poor environments.


Purple non-sulfur bacteria have for long been used successfully to remediate water quality in highly intensive aquaculture operations. They are increasingly being used to amend soils (particularly soils burnt by chemical fertilizers) in horticultural applications ranging from turf to cannabis. Their probiotic qualities serve to suppress disease in numerous cultured species. In addition to helping to maintain an ecologically stable microhabitat, PNS ProBio™ provides a wholesome live food source for zooplankton as well as soil mesofauna. Additionally, it is known to form direct, beneficial associations with the root systems of both terrestrial and aquatic plants.

PNS ProBio™ (16.9 fl oz)

  • When used as an aquarium/hydroponic inoculant, add one 16.9 fl oz bottle for every 400 gal system water in an area of high flow. For best results, cut ultraviolet/ozone sterilization for the first 24 hours of each application. May be re-dosed monthly for continuous nutrient and dissolved organics management.


    When used as a soil drench, add one 16.9 fl oz bottle to every 50 gal dechlorinated irrigation water.


    Highly palatable and nutritious, PNS ProBio™ is readily consumed by many filter-feeding invertebrates and virtually all small live food organisms (ciliates, rotifers, copepods, brine shrimp, etc.). Add 16.9 fl oz/800 gal/day as a dietary enrichment (dosage may be adjusted as needed).


    Strong odors and slight color variations are normal for this live product.


    Contains reconstituted water (distilled water with restored natural minerals), 100% organic growth medium and live purple non-sulfur bacteria (Rhodopseudomonas palustris).