The PNS Product Combo™ serves as a well-rounded, natural and extremely wholesome base of a reef aquarium's food web. This combo package includes one PNS YelloSno™ (16 fl oz.) and one PNS ProBio™ (16 fl oz.). The former, a prepared food, simulates marine snow; the latter, a live bacterial culture, acts as a coral symbiont (as both a probiotic and a diazotroph) as well as removing excess nutrients/organic matter from the aquarium water.


Owing to the live photoheterotrophic microbes (Rhodopseudomonas palustris) in PNS ProBio™, the PNS Product Combo™ is a reef aquarium diet that actually cleans rather than fouling the water. In addition to being nutritious for corals and various filter-feeding invertebrates, the B vitamins in PNS YelloSno™ strongly promote the growth of R. palustris.


And, yes, while we think you'll love what these two products can do for your reef aquarium, you may cancel your subscription at any time!

PNS Product Combo™

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  • See individual product labels for specific instructions. Combo treats >500 gallons. 

    PNS YelloSno™ and PNS ProBio™ may be dosed daily, either together or alternately (as desired). 

    PNS YelloSno™ must be refrigerated; PNS ProBio™ should be stored at room temperature.