Refugium Grass™ naturally remediates poor water quality in all freshwater and brackish recirculating aquaculture systems. By continuously sequestering excess dissolved nutrients (nitrate, phosphate, etc.), a dense colony of this highly adaptable plant reduces growth of undesirable algae and promotes a healthier, more stable environment for fish and other aquatic animals. 


Hardy and fast-growing, Stuckenia pectinata (oftentimes called ribbon weed) is especially well-suited for use in planted refugia. It can be similarly used in the shallow "bog filter" portion of ornamental fish ponds. Its thicket-like foliage provides a prime microhabitat for beneficial mesofauna such as copepods and amphipods. Refugium Grass™ is 100% snail-free.


Stuckenia pectinata (L.) Börner, Fl. Deut. Volk.: 713 (1912) occurs naturally on every continent except Antarctica. It owes its wide distribution to its high degree of adaptability. Tolerant of wide-ranging temperature, pH and conductivity, it can be found from Bolivia to Russia to the African Rift Lakes to countless roadside ditches. It does, however, require intense illumination and therefore prefers clear, shallow waters. Indoors, it requires moderate-strong artificial lighting.

Refugium Grass™ Starter Pack

  • The five small individual plants in a single pack of Refugium Grass™ (each trimmed to ~6" tall) serve as sufficient starter material to "seed" a small refugium. Add multiple packs for faster colonization in ponds or larger refugia. 


    S. pectinata prefers silty, organic-rich substrates. Bury each tuber/root mass completely but shallowly (~1/4") under the substrate; be careful not to damage the very delicate stems during handling. Particularly as the colony increases in density, lighting should be strong. As it expands to fill the grow space, harvest and discard small portions (~25%) of the standing crop (e.g. leaf trimming) for continuous nutrient export.


    Though Refugium Grass™ is sold in a discreet size, it is packaged in a bulk manner (unbranded and bound in a 2mil poly bag).