The Refugium Helper™ is for freshwater and brackish systems with heavy dissolved and particulate nutrient loads. This unique package contains three items:



Each item contributes in its own way to promote a clean, healthy and stable freshwater or brackish enviroment. Refugium grass takes up excess nutrients and provides biogenic habitat for microcrustaceans such as amphipods. Amphipods consume solid organic wastes and provide a continuous source of nutritious live fish food. Purple non-sulfur bacteria act as highly effective probiotics, consume excess nutrients/dissolved organics and produce color-enhancing pigments that may travel up the food chain (from amphipods to fishes, for example). 


(See individual product descriptions for additional information.) 

Refugium Helper™

  • Refugium Helper™ is suitable for any freshwater/brackish aquarium, bog filter or aquaponic system. This select package transforms your refugium into a live food nursery while providing comprehensive, natural waste management.