Microcrustaceans such as amphipods are a common and important component of refugium biota. They are similarly used to enhance water garden and aquaponic environments. Comparatively large "pods," amphipods are hailed for a handful of ecological contributions; chief among these are (1) their voracious consumption of detritus and nuisance algae and (2) their usefulness as a supplemental, in-tank live food source for many small fishes and amphibians.


Regarded as true shredders, amphipods chew and ingest bits of poorly digestible matter (e.g. partially decomposed leaf litter) in order to consume the associated bacterial and fungal films. In carrying out these activities, they play a huge role in both nutrient cycling and detritus management. 


The gammarid "scud" amphipods tolerate a wide range of water conditions and are both fairly easy to maintain in freshwater and brackish aquaria. As they are capable overwintering under ice, permanent scud populations can be established even in colder, northern pond/water garden environments. 


Scud populations can spike shortly after introduction into systems with heavy loads of solid organic waste and/or nuisance algae. However, productivity will eventually flatline as they deplete these food sources.


Unlike "similar" products, ScudPods™ Amphipods are monocultured in relatively clean conditions and are therefore guaranteed to be free of nuisance algae, duckweed, snails, fish parasites, hydras, etc.

ScudPods™ Amphipod Starter Culture

  • Each ScudPods™ Amphipod Starter Culture contains 50+ mature, unsexed gammarid amphipods. 


    Most acclimation methods are suitable for this product. ScudPods™ are best added directly to the refugium or bog. If they must be introduced into an area containing fish, they are best added at night and under the full cover of darkness.


    Though ScudPods™ is sold in discreet portions, it is packaged in a bulk manner (unbranded and bound in a 2mil poly bag).